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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Feb 23, 2015

Today we interview Dan Briscoe, the VP of Marketing for a software company called HCSS. HCSS started in 1986 and makes software for big construction companies. HCSS brought Dan in about 2.5 years ago when their leads began to stagnate. He has helped them achieve phenomenal results.

In the interview, we unpack the...

Feb 16, 2015

In this interview, Trent speaks with Rishi Dave, CMO of Dun & Bradstreet. Rishi has been with Dun & Bradstreet since February 2014. Trent found Rishi after reading an article titled, “If a 173 year old public company can digitally transform, what’s your excuse?”

If you are a CMO or CEO of an organization that...

Feb 9, 2015

In today’s interview with Mick Hollison, we talk about predictive analytics as it applies to lead scoring. Mick is the CMO for and a regular contributing author for Inc. Magazine.

Predictive analytics is a brand new topic for us on the BrightIdeas podcast. Predictive analytics helps you make objective...

Feb 2, 2015

John Hurley is the director of product marketing for a venture backed startup called Radius. Radius has raised about $80M so far. They are selling an enterprise software solution to major brand players like American Express.

Today we have a very interesting conversation! We start with the content strategy that Radius...