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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Aug 25, 2020

Episode Highlights

[03:45] — Kent introduces himself and Neuro

  • Neuro was formed in 2013 and officially launched its first product in 2015.

  • Neuro turns supplements into gums and mints you can carry around wherever you go.

  • Their product is the ideal solution for mid-afternoon drowsiness without the undesirable...

Aug 18, 2020

Episode Highlights

[03:30] —
David introduces ScreenCloud

  • ScreenCloud is a SaaS digital signage company launched in 2015. They help companies control their content across multiple screens.

  • Digital signage is both advertising and content.

  • From being a side project of their previous agency, they funded it to...

Aug 11, 2020

Episode Highlights 

[03:13] — Phil introduces himself 

  • He is an email marketer.

  • He helps companies grow their audience and build their email lists.

  • Phil is the founder of Tetra, an email marketing consultancy.

[04:08] — 2 challenges on digital marketing funnels for Trent

  1. He wants to categorize his...

Aug 4, 2020

Episode Highlights 

[3:47] —
Brian introduces Dozuki

  • Dozuki is a content management system primarily focused on manufacturers.

  • It is a purpose-built tool that serves as a replacement for Word, PowerPoint, and other related software.

  • Founded in 2011 as a spinout company of iFixit, Dozuki now has...