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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Aug 9, 2017

How did you create the supplement? (networking, contract mfg, What if you don’t want to create your own proprietary formula? What kind of gross margins can you expect? How did you initially start to market your product? How did content play a role in your marketing? What types of blog posts did you create? How did you come up with your blog post titles? Where do you advertise your content? which social platforms do you use? What kinds of opt ins do you use? What kinds of content/offers are you using for retargeting? Free samples + shipping (1 click upsells) What does your tech stack look like and how much does it cost a month Is there any seasonality to your niche? How is Amazon playing a role? How does influencer marketing play a role? Links Mentioned Shopify + a bunch of third party apps (storefront) Wordpress (blog) Clavio (email marketing) (the content they promote) (to get a list of shared articles) keyword research on Google