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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Nov 20, 2017

In today's episode, I interview Casey Gauss, founder & CEO of Viral Launch - the company behind over 17,000 product launches for over 5,000 brands on Amazon. In our conversation, Casey and I talk at length about how to evaluate the potential of a nutrional supplements brand that I'm considering buying. We start off with my explaining how I looked at various pieces of data to determine if this was a market niche that we should pursue. Thanks to what Casey shared with me about how he'd perform the same research using different data, I quickly realized that my initial assumptions were probably not valid and I needed to take a closer look at each product's potential relative to the competition. In particular, Casey shared with me the 3 methods they use to quickly determine the potential for a given product vs its competitors and I was surprised to discover that some of what he shared with me wasn't event on my radar screen! After we concluded our discussion about some of the mistakes that I was making in the way that I was evaluating the niche, we went on to discuss the 7 actions that they take for each of their clients when it comes time to get a product ranked higher in the Amazon search results. And finally, we talked about some of the top few things that separate the brands who are doing over $10M a year from the brands that are struggling to get traction. Given my desire to launch my own brand (or buy an existing one), the timing of this interview couldn't have been better and I highly recommend you check it out.