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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Feb 9, 2020

Do you run a business that requires B2B selling or relationship building? Are you struggling to fill your calendar with appointments with new prospects or suppliers? Would you like to show up to work each day with 3-5 pre-qualified appointments in your calendar so you can focus solely on presenting and closing? What I have just described is not a pipe dream. It's real, and if you implement the strategy discussed in the interview, it is completely achievable.  On the show with me today is Ravi Abuvala; a B2B lead generation wizard who is well known for the success he's had scaling his own digital agency, as well as helping other digital agency owners to grow their revenue faster than they ever thought possible; all thanks to Ravi's brilliant combination of leveraging systems and virtual assistants to fill their calendars with 20-30 pre-qualified appointments every week. Whether you are an Amazon wholesale seller looking for new supplier relationships, a digital agency owner looking for new clients, or virtually any other B2B business owner looking for an effective way to generate a steady stream of qualified appointments for your sales team, this episode is for you. Watch the video above, read the transcript, or listen to the audio file below and benefit from the knowledge that David share...and then leave a comment or question for him to answer. Questions I Asked Ravi: [01:25] Who are you and what do you do? [03:24] When did you start the agency? [04:03] Did you have a lot of success initially? [06:06] What did you realize you were doing wrong? [06:27] What was the big aha? [07:08] How long did that take? [07:37]What kind of results were you able to achieve afterward? [09:36] How many VAs did you hire? [09:49] Give me an overview of how the Vas were so successful in getting appointments for you?  [30:13] When did you decide to start hiring employees? [31:18] How are you finding pure commission salespeople? [36:00] Did your management style for employees differ much from Va's?  [37:05] How do the tasks you assign to employees differ from the ones you give to Vas? [38:03] For anyone listening who wants to get started creating systems, what advice do you have? [42:55]Do you have a freebie to offer? Resources links can be found at