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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Feb 25, 2020

Are you running a SaaS business and looking for proven strategies for B2C lead generation? Do you have an idea for a SaaS business and are looking for proven strategies for fundraising? Would you like to better understand how to use Facebook and Google ads? On the show with me today are Cody Barbo (CEO) and Katie Fellenz (Head of Marketing) for a VC-backed SaaS company by the name of Trust and Will, and in our conversation, we talked about all sorts of the strategies they have used to grow to 65,000 customers in just a few short years. Want to know the details of what we covered? Check out the questions I asked them, and then start listening to this episode today. Questions I Asked Cody and Katie: [02:15] What does your company sell? [03:38] When did you start the company? [03:46] How many customers have you signed up so far? [03:54] What made you pick the niche you are in, and how did you research it? [07:38] Once you decided to proceed with the idea, how did you attract your first 1000 customers? [11:01] How did you convince these folks to use your product? [13:08] For people that don't pay for your software, are you able to monetize them on the back end? [14:50] Let's talk about what is working really well in customer acquisition in the last year. What is working the best? [16:36] Tell me about what you are doing on Google. [18:19] Tell me about your marketing funnel; what did you think that was going to work but didn't, and now what is working well? [20:53] Tell me about your tech stack? [22:42] What is the next best channel? [27:54] Tell me how you are using Facebook. [31:19] Do you have a special offer for my listeners? Resources links can be found at