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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Dec 1, 2020

Episode Highlights 

[03:16] — Who Gene is and his work as a business coach

  • Gene is a Leadership Executive Coach, working with fast-growing company’s founders and CEOs, some of which are part of the Inc 5000.

  • The podcast will be in a coaching format where Gene will be the interviewer and ask questions to Trent.

  • As a coach, Gene doesn’t focus on just accountability but more on helping leaders figure out the significant insight that will help them grow and evolve.

[05:37] — The podcast discusses how to be a better leader for your team

  • Trent listened to an audiobook about being a better leader and a multiplier before recording the podcast. The problem with books is that they don’t talk back to you; it requires a caring, understanding, passionate coach to make those words come to life.

  • The big idea of being a better leader, according to this podcast, is to trust your team and put them first.

  • Employees aren’t as replaceable as customers, and employees can take care of many customers.

[11:30] — Current stressors and frustrations when it comes to business and leadership

  • Trent is currently pursuing a different market, but he doesn't know this customer segment as well. 

  • At the moment, they are at risk of having no traction and effectively wasting time and money in marketing efforts.

  • Trent’s biggest fear is not losing money, but losing time and the frustration that comes along. But he learned that failure is not to be avoided but to be managed and understood.

  • Most of the time, we focus on the things that might not work out instead of the favorable scenario of it working out.

  • Companies that embrace failure as part of the process grow more than risk-averse companies.

[19:18] — The vision of both the better leader we aspire to become and the team we should have

  • Trent believes that a better leader has confidence in his team and empowers them to perform their best in bringing a vision to reality.

  • It is essential to include a team of talented individuals with extensive experience and strong collaboration skills in your leadership vision.

  • For Trent, it’s about letting employees do their own thing and trusting they will aim for the team’s best interests.

  • Setting expectations is crucial in building trust and knowing how to become a better manager.

[24:22] — Communication and the science of having insightful relationships with your team

  • In one on one conversations and meetings, try to learn more about the other person's past and interests, and build trust by letting them do their job.

  • As a leader, you provide the vision, and after that, you trust your people to do their best to get there. Create a culture where the best ideas win.

[31:48] — Radical transparency and the need for honesty

  • Business is a game. It's essential to give the employees all the rules and explain to them how to score so they know whether they're winning.

  • Let your team solve their problems instead of doing it for them and create a culture of collaboration and empowerment.

[35:33] — The podcast tells what to focus on to become a better leader

  • Get a clear vision not just for the company but for the entire team as well.

  • Don’t micromanage work. Lead the people to become self-confident.

  • Coaching is not just telling them what to do. It's empowering people to take the next step.

  • Pay attention to the history behind their motivations. Support your team by helping them address their underlying fears.

  • Take the time to have conversations with your team and build relationships with them. Slow down to speed up.