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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Dec 8, 2020

Episode Highlights 

[2:56] —
Brent introduces his business, uGurus

  • He runs a company called uGurus. They do business training and coaching programs for digital agency owners and entrepreneurs.

  • He founded the company in 2012 after he sold his successful web agency that ran for 13 years.

[3:55] — The most significant threats for agency owners today

  • The reliance on referrals and word of mouth is the biggest challenge of agencies.

  • Most agencies are busy working with their clients; they don´t take the time to work on their own business.

  • Due to the pandemic, many agency owners got caught up and had to pause or delay projects for not having strong lead generation and marketing engines.

[6:13] — The importance of selecting a niche for your business

  • A generalist motto is saying yes to every business.

  • If you choose a specialization, you will have to turn down clients that don´t align with your niche.

  • In choosing a niche, it should directly relate to your level of expertise.

[8:48] — Finding solutions for your chosen niche

  • Finding your niche or specialization might not work on the first try.

  • Define your target audience and figure out where those people hang out.

  • Create awareness about your business.

[10:35] — Brent shares how to test ideas and see what works for the business

  • To know the language that his market responds to, Brent uses ad platforms to run ad tests. 

  • Advertising is an excellent scale platform when you're ready to scale in your market.

  • Go slow, go smooth so that you can go fast. Find inroads with people who have embedded in your target market with trust and credibility and do customer development interviews. 

  • Create more exciting marketing opportunities, such as publishing your niche, content, and webinars. Use ads as an amplification and leverage tools in the market.

[14:47] — Know your target audience and talk to your customers to know how to grow your business online

  • Ask your clients about their experience using your products or services and how you can better market your products. By building a relationship with them, you can grasp how to grow your business online effectively.

  • Through conversations with your customers, you can generate a marketing strategy for your business.

  • Brent shares that they used their customers' language, quotes, and phrases as content and marketing strategy.

[21:11] — Why should you niche down?

  • Some companies that serve broad audiences today were once very niche. Going from specialized to a more general market has helped some companies gain clients.

  • Brent saw that service companies, once they specialized in a niche, they tend to stay in their domain and become even more experts in their space.

  • The specialization provides a better path to generalization than generalization does the specialization. 

[24:46] — Get Rich in the Deep End

  • Get Rich in the Deep End is a book where Brent tells his and his client's stories.

  • The five A's in the book are: Audience, Awareness, Attract, Authority, and Acquire.

  • Ensure that when you publish content, you do it where your target audience will listen and read. Don't fall into the garage band trap by not taking risks