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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Dec 15, 2020

Episode Highlights 

[3:45] —
Mackensie shares how she got into Messenger chatbot marketing 

  • Marketing and business were the last thing in her mind upon graduating. 

  • She has a bachelor’s degree in biology and worked as a clinically-certified psychogeneticist for a decade.

  • She decided to find a job that didn´t get her stuck in the lab with her outgoing personality and allowed her to work from home and be with her family. That’s when she found out about digital marketing and chatbots.

[7:02] — The current landscape of chatbot marketing 

  • Because of the user complaints on pages who are spamming messages, Facebook created the 24-hour rule. With this, carriers can only message users who engaged within 24 hours of their previous message engagement.

  • However, there are some ways to reach subscribers outside those 24-hours like: 

    • Message tags

    • Confirmed event updates

    • Account update

    • One-time notification

    • Paid ads

[12:23] — Navigating the one-time notification (OTN) settings

  • When users opt into OTN, they will get a message from your page. Every time they click the 'Notify me' button, you get a token.

  • Once the 24-hour window opens up, you can send another message and a follow-up. Make sure to make your message template conversational.

[16:04] — Why you should use a multi-channel communication

  • If your traffic is not yet in a chatbot and SMS, you can include a link called Ref URL Growth Tool. It is a tool in ManyChat which will take them into Messenger.

  • Once they're in Messenger, you can ask them to opt-in for SMS notifications.

  • You can use ManyChat to accomplish all of these.

[17:49] — Mackensie shares the most effective strategies to get people into your bot funnel

  • Getting people into your funnel would mainly depend on your type of offer and business.

  • You can use paid ads, organic strategies like email, and engaging strategies like quizzes, giveaways, and coupons.

[20:47] — What are the best customer engagement strategy practices?

  • Segment your users. You have to make sure that your messages are relevant to your users. Otherwise, they will ignore your promotions.

  • Ask people about your message and get their feedback.

  • Provide them with your latest offers. 

[24:23] — The importance of the 24-hour window

  • Even a button click counts as an engagement. You have to make sure that the attention is back and forth.

  • Don't be spammy. Remember that you won't keep the 24-hour window opened repeatedly. Make sure to get your engagements' contact information within the initial 24-hour window.

  • You have to re-engage engagements both outside and back into Messenger to reopen the 24-hour window.

[26:39] — What are the most common mistakes in chatbot marketing?

  • Not setting up your foundational bot

  • Copy-pasting messages out of email campaigns

  • Not utilizing reminders or follow-ups