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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Dec 22, 2020

Episode Highlight

[04:13] – Jeremy gives a background of his business

  • Jeremy started a product distribution company online called in 2016.

  • He discovered a problem with antiquated catalog presentations.

  • His solution was to streamline the entire experience allowing buyers to personalize their products.

[05:20] – What is so special about

  • is different because of the product personalization and distribution platform.

  • What is being distributed is an experience.

  • Sales talk is not always required to sell products.

[07:21] – How gained traction

  • Initially, they targeted big brands to build strong client portofolio.

  • A catchy name was essential. For Jeremy, says everything about the business without having to say anything explicitly.

  • With consistent content creation, they built a strong SEO strategy to increase their organic visitors. Their main focus is not on making viral posts but on getting to their target customers.

[8:25] – Getting the domain and starting up the business

  • Jeremy got the domain from day one with no funds thanks to a deal they made with the owner; they eventually paid $200,000 for it.

  • An outbound strategy works in the initial stages of startup businesses.

  • Starting from top to bottom is not disadvantageous contrary to what other entrepreneurs believe.

  • Rise above the challenges, get in the door and do everything you need to do.

[14:48] – Strategies to control traffic

  • Using Google is too expensive to focus all your strategy based on it.

  • One content strategy is creating consistent content to catch the attention of potential customers.

  • From an SEO perspective, using longtail keywords in blog posts is effective when it´s focused to a specific target audience.

  • Using traction channels or joining partnerships is a strategy in growth hacking.

[24:29] – Best conversion hacks

  • The first conversion hack is to label products with Swag’s tagline “we made this”.

  • After expansion, they started adding shipping labels saying “powered by” to every package.

  • To gain more organic buyers, conducting giveaways is useful.

  • Reciprocity helps solve the problem of cold outbound emails.

  • The best way to raise money is through the press.

[30:58] – Jeremy’s number one goal for the year ahead

  • Jeremy intends to push hard on the Swag distribution platform.

  • The platform will have unbelievably new features by then.

  • The next phase is for the platform to allow people to automate Swag distribution by themselves.