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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Dec 29, 2020

Episode Highlights 

[3:16] — Brian introduces himself and his company, Posted Social

  • Brian is the CEO and owner of Posted Social.

  • Posted Social is a digital marketing company specialized in eCommerce sales through social media advertising and B2B lead generation.

[4:25] — Brian introduces their recent product launch, the Hurt Skurt

  • The Hurt Skurt is an ice pack sleeve that has compression built into it. It can easily slide onto your arm or leg and stay in place.

  • People can use it for postoperative rehabilitation or everyday knee or elbow pain.

  • The Hurt Skurt’s 30-day trailing sales after its product launch was $130,000. Currently, the product’s trailing 30-day sales already increased by 20%.

[6:54] — How did Posted Social and Hurt Skurt start to collaborate?

  • Brian's partner in another business held a pitch event, where the inventor of Hurt Skurt pitched a wine bottle cooler. Brian's partner suggested using his items on people's bodies instead.

  • Posted Social focused on building traction through advertisements and Amazon before the product launch of Hurt Skurt on social media.

  • The leading demographic of Hurt Skurt is 45- to 55-year-old females.

[9:06] — Creating an eCommerce campaign for Hurt Skurt

  • Posted Social did not have a previous customer history with Hurt Skurt, so they had to start from the ground up.

  • The best-performing assets for their ads are ten second-long cellphone videos.

  • Posted Social collected data and tested different audiences on Facebook to find their buyer. After that, they used that look alike data from purchases and tracked them.

  • Currently, their highest return is on ad spend, where they are working on retargeting audience.

  • Hurt Skurt is not the type of product that takes time to decide a purchase. Nonetheless, Posted Social still tried a funnel.

[17:39] — What are the best practices in scaling up the ads for an eCommerce campaign?

  • They duplicated their ad campaign after they hit a plateau with their previous ads.

  • The offering was hindering the performance of their ads.

[20:31] — Learning opportunities from Hurt Skurt's eCommerce campaign

  • Focus on selling to a specific demographic, your sure-paying customers.

  • They learned that you have to spend a little money to keep learning.

[22:08] — Channel expansion

  • This month, Hurt Skurt is finally going to be on HSN. Thanks to having one all-star entrepreneur for HSN partner and to having a product that fits HSN's crowd of 58-year-old females is that they were able to get in.

  • Expanding to Instagram is not fruitful, so they are focusing on Facebook through the holiday season.

  • They created an Amazon account three months prior to the Facebook product launch. Instead of going to their website, people search for the product on Google and buy on Amazon.