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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Nov 2, 2021

Flowster Live Demo

Episode Highlights

[02:35] — Andrew introduces Marknology

  • Seven years ago, Andrew founded Marknology, a company that helps brands evolve and compete in the Amazon accelerator.

  • He started out freelancing on Upwork and Elance and eventually quit his day job to build his agency. Marknology has grown to a team of 25 through bootstrapping. 

[09:05] — What’s the difference between hourly billing and retainer?

  • Andrew struggled with hourly billing since it put his interests at odds with his clients’. 

  • This model also ties you to the belief that you must get paid for the hours you work.

  • After many iterations, Marknology ended up with the retainer plus commission model. 

  • Andrew found it advantageous, as he could count on the retainer to plan for hiring and scaling. 

  • When the commission hits a certain level, the retainer falls off and from there, it’s just a straight retainer or a straight commission. 

[18:25] — Venturing into international markets

  • Marknology is now big enough to handle the international market; In fact, they’re already in 13 different Amazon marketplaces around the world.

  • One of Andrew's early wins was getting brands into a less saturated market.

  • He advises paying attention to whatever Amazon's focus is, so you can leverage it and bring more value to your clients.

[20:39] — How to attract clients

  • Content marketing and partnerships are Andrew’s bread and butter.

  • He's created a YouTube channel, opened blogs and speaking events, and started a podcast as a trust-building effort to win over clients.

[24:41] — The advantages of creating content

  • Explaining Amazon’s new releases from a commentator’s perspective is Andrew's strategy on YouTube content creation.
  • Through that, he helped brands in a more casual rather than formal way.
  • He wanted to talk about things that could help companies, such as SEO and tracking organic growth.
  • People usually hear about him or watch his videos, leading them to connect with him.

[28:34] — Why Andrew hates hard selling

  • Andrew hates the salesman’s approach to selling a product or service.

  • He prefers building on his expertise in the field to reflect his credibility rather than convincing someone to hire him.

[33:03] — Challenges and solutions in running Marknology

  • Cash flow isn’t an issue for them anymore, although it used to be a great challenge.

  • People are both the best part and the hardest part because of needing to build relationships, communicate effectively, and be aligned in the workflow.

  • Moreover, managing the team and continuously learning to be a leader has also been quite the challenge.

  • Partnering with Flowster has helped him overcome those challenges.

  • Albeit a new user, Andrew’s excited about partnering with Flowster to get more processes in place.

[36:18] — Andrew’s diverse team

  • Andrew’s workers are distributed between Colombia, Kansas, Florida, and India.

  • His workers in India are focused on data researching and SEO.

  • Andrew is also looking into hiring from Romania because of the amazing branding of barbershops, restaurants, and small businesses.

  • He finds that outsourcing talents from all over the world adds value to his business.