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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Nov 16, 2021

Flowster Live Demo

Episode Highlights

[2:57] — Brad Introduces OutLoud Group and Influencer Marketing 

  • Brad is the Chief Growth Officer at OutLoud Group, a 60-person influencer marketing agency.

  • Brands can use influencer campaigns to grow their revenue.

  • Social media influencers can be tapped as third-party endorsements because their audience trusts them.

[7:56] — The Who Of Influencer Marketing

  • Running an influencer campaign is not for everyone.

  • Influencer marketing campaigns are not great for commoditized products, but they work best for B2C brands and those with a story to tell.

  • Brands should make sure to pick influencer types that are either a good brand fit or adjacently related to their brand.

[15:10] — How To Structure A Deal With Influencers 

  • Smaller creators are generally easier to reach since they usually don't work with managers or agents yet.

  • Brad observed that some creators are more reliable.

  • He also recommends starting with an initial test with influencers before committing to a long-term deal.

  • Most influencers will protect themselves by asking for a flat fee regardless of the campaign’s success.

[20:42] — KPIs To Watch In Influencer Marketing Campaigns 

  • Brad recommends observing CPM by the increase of traffic to your website.

  • Different creators and their platforms will have different CPMs.

  • The subscriber and follower count is only a vanity metric — it may contain fake followers and cannot assure conversions, potential customers, or traffic.

  • Brad recommends starting with a minimum of 5 creators first.

[27:48] — What Can Go Wrong With Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns 

  • Don't force influencers to use a script of brand voice and marketing buzzwords.

  • Let them do their own thing since they know what will resonate with their audience the most.

  • Don't negotiate for the lowest price. Remember that influencers’ work will be affected by how much they feel valued.

[31:44] — Brad Shares How The OutLoud Group Grew 

  • Brad shares that their agency started with a family model. However, as the agency grew, they had to adopt a pro-sports team kind of model.

  • The agency's main principle is to have clear goals and bring out the best in people.

[36:55] — Where To Automate Or Humanize 

  • As their agency grew, the business became more complex. At this point, they implemented Salesforce.

  • Brad shares that their agency prides itself on customer service rather than automation.

  • The agency automates its contracting and execution. However, they keep their humanized communications with different influencers and clients.

  • There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to brands and influencers. So the agency’s SOPs evolve over time.

  • The core of their SOP is the willingness to change.