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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Jan 4, 2022

Flowster Live Demo

Episode Highlights

[2:24] Norm introduces himself 

  • Also known as "the Beard Guy," Norm started in 2013 and went to an Amazon Amazing Selling Machine conference.

  • Those who got into Amazon got money easily using simple steps.

  • If he didn’t have resilience, he never would’ve made it.

  • Amazon has changed greatly over the years, so he expanded on what he learned into other markets.

  • Currently, Norm is not just a seller but also a brand owner, business owner, and podcaster.

[5:57] Processes and delegation 

  • Attending Michael Gerber’s EMyth Academy, he’s taught to be automated and scalable.

  • If it's repeatable, there’s a process.

  • Going through a problematic process caused negativity in the office. However, their 5-page policy streamlined everything.

  • Norm delegates everything so he can grow other businesses.

[10:11] — Creating your brand

  • You can use Amazon Posts, Live, and Brand Story to create a customer experience and build a brand community.

  • In choosing a brand name, you could send out names and descriptions to companies (e.g. PickFu). Doing this gives you access to an inexpensive focus group to assess them.

  • Get a graphic artist that understands corporate identity to create a good logo.

  • Check if your domain name is available on social media.

[14:49] The power of packaging 

  • Increase the perceived value of your product by spending a little more on the packaging.

  • Good packaging can hook customers and drive them over for warranty registration or subscription, leading to more traffic for your brand.

  • Consider outer packaging by unveiling the product, including a welcome message, etc.

  • Be distinctive in your packaging if you can.

  • Buy your own products to maintain quality assurance.

[22:56] Product innovation

  • Do a proper competitive analysis for your products.

  • By checking product reviews, you can determine what people like and dislike about a product and improve upon them by changing the materials, color, etc.

  • Get ideas for product innovation on artsy websites.

  • Search the keyword, find out what the average product looks like, and be different.

  • Innovation can be expensive.

[32:03] Getting a graphic of your product

  • Spend the proper amount on your product.

  • It's okay to experiment and fail in the first product, then put in the time and money into your second product. Use what you learned from the first try.

  • A graphic artist and a photographer can work together to bring out the best in a picture and increase your product’s perceived value.

  • Standard packaging has legal requirements, but you don't need to use the same label for your product shot; you need to represent your product effectively.

  • Tune in to the full episode to find out the people you need to hire and their usual rates!

[39:16] Growing your perception

  • Hire a product photographer that does 3D rendering and a graphic artist.

  • The usual rates for product photographers are $500 to $1,250 as you'll need both an infographic and a product image.

  • Find nano-influencers to promote your product, grow your perception, and help increase your perceived value.

  • Consistency and authority are necessary to earn trust and make sales.

  • Expand your network and form partnerships.

[49:22] Doing the little things 

  • Small things, like writing a letter or using a different imprint, increase the perceived value of your product.

  • Take a look at your competitors and make those little changes.