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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Jan 25, 2022

Flowster Live Demo

Episode Highlights

[2:53] — A brief background on Dan and Sales Schema

  • Dan is the CEO and founder of Sales Schema.

  • Sales Schema is a fractional new business team for agencies, marketing services companies, as well as other B2B service companies for lead generation.

  • Their company has a forthcoming data product.

  • The biggest challenge their sales team encounters is gaining the trust of their clients for referral marketing.

  • Daniel's strategic approach to referral marketing starts with an account-based foundation, listing quality leads for a specific campaign.

[6:04] — How does Dan create an account-based list?

  • Lead generation involves a back-and-forth communication process with clients.

  • They source data from different channels.

  • After compiling a list of companies, it will require the approval of their clients.

  • Their clients may either opt to work with brands that are industry-specific or be open to collaborating with any consumer brand.

  • The list is mainly effective for most mid to large companies.

[8:07] — Leveraging your network to connect with the accounts in your list

  • Come up with a list of accounts related to the market you want to enter.

  • Assess your current network/contacts in the industry you are pursuing. Export a list of these LinkedIn (or other sources available) contacts.

  • Refine the list by finding connections between your contacts and the accounts you’ve approved.

  • Connect with your contacts, offer value from your end, and request for an introduction to the accounts.

[12:11] — The key points of lead generation

  • Lead generation requires work and communication with your potential network.

  • Obtaining an introduction from your network grants you a more assessed and focused list of valuable connections.

  • The connections might drive you to other unexplored opportunities.

  • The biggest challenge is building that trust factor.

[15:00] — Tips to get referrals for the DIYs

  • Start with Flowster and consider the fine line between personalization and scale in referral marketing.

  • For large companies, you can try the carpet bombing tactic for lead generation.

  • If your clients are similar to Daniel’s, starting with an account-based list is ideal.

  • Sales Navigator helps to find clients that are industry-specific.

[17:28] — What are the biggest mistakes people make in their referral marketing program?

  • Backloading the work

  • Spamming your campaign instead of promoting valuable content for people

  • To obtain connections effectively, you need to understand the fine line between personalization and scale.

  • Budgeting the right amount of time and optimizing the sales process are other essential elements in achieving a ranked outreach.

[19:25] — Helpful tools to systemize referrals

  • For DIYs, using Sales Navigator is a good start.

  • The other tools that he finds effective for sales reps are, Streak, and GMass. Different people have their own preferences when it comes to customer relationship management tools and their efficacy.