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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Feb 4, 2022

Flowster Live Demo

Episode Highlights

[3:15] — Yuri introduces himself and Healthpreneur 

  • Yuri is the founder and CEO of Healthpreneur
  • Healthpreneur helps health professionals and coaches gain clients and scale their virtual practices or businesses online.
  • They help clients make more impact, reach more people, and enjoy a better quality of life.

[4:22] — Webinars as powerful tools 

  • Content marketing plays a significant part for most businesses.
  • Regardless of industry, it doesn’t matter what you do if no one knows about you — and that’s why webinars can become an asset to your business.
  • Creating webinars is a more efficient and effective method of educating and persuading people to consume your brand.
  • Every business should have a webinar that allows them to create leverage.
  • Listen to the full episode to hear about how Yuri used a webinar to educate people and earn money — all while being on a plane to Hawaii!

[10:56] — Figure out your big idea 

  • Answer the questions, "What is this?", "What is it all about?", and "How is this different than what I've tried before?"
  • Build your webinar around the pain points of your target market.  
  • The big idea is an articulation of what you believe.
  • The goal of the big idea isn't to be empirically true; — it's to share your truth and persuade people to change their perspective.
  • To create a big idea, you must understand your target audience and the marketplace.

[17:10] — Identify your perfect client

  • The key to great marketing is marketing to one person, not everyone.
  • Find out the frustrations, fears, wants, and desires of your perfect client.
  • When people feel that they’re understood, that’s when they start paying attention.

[21:16] — Knowing what you’re talking about

  • Show them you know what you're talking about while holding on to the granular details of the actual process.
  • To justify the unique qualities of your methods, you need to establish the results of what you do.
  • Mapping the details out doesn't equate to success; the devil's in the details.
  • The audience should feel that the webinar resonated with them and made sense. A good webinar primes your clients and shortens the selling cycle.

[25:36] — Finding an audience

  • Every entrepreneur should master paid traffic. 
  • In creating ads, consider the questions: “What’s the messaging going to look like?", "Who’s the audience?”.
  • The ad should lead people to the webinar, where they will be a call to action.
  • Regularly assess what you’re willing to spend for a client.

[31:12] — Determine how much you’re willing to lose

  • Invest in your business.
  • Ask yourself, “How much are you willing to lose?” 
  • Practice realistic budgeting.

[33:12] — Live webinar vs. evergreen webinar

  • Doing a live webinar and subsequently putting up the recording as "evergreen" doesn't work very well.
  • Think about what gets people excited enough to show up, such as doing a preamble and offering worksheets.
  • Start promoting your webinar four to five days before the webinar.
  • With evergreen webinars, you could re-record or tweak certain parts to make them more solid and concise.