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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Mar 15, 2022

Flowster Live Demo

Episode Highlights

[0:53] — Trent breaks the news 

  • Hosting the Bright Ideas Podcast for 12 years has been phenomenal for Trent.

  • Through the podcast, he learned a lot, met many interesting people, and hopefully made a positive impact on his audience.

  • For now, and most likely forever, the show is officially coming to an end.

[01:31] — Why is Bright Ideas ending? 

  • After recording so many podcast episodes, he doesn’t enjoy it anymore.

  • It's also been increasingly difficult to make time to do an activity that he no longer enjoys due to other demands on his time.

  • He enjoys talking to people but realized that there are other ways he could spend his time.

  • The ROI on the podcast also steadily decreased since there’s an abundance of shows.

[02:36] — Should you publish a podcast? 

  • Podcasts are not a great way to build your audience because they’re not searchable.

  • On the other hand, YouTube is a great search engine.

  • While you can publish podcasts on YouTube, a long-form podcast on that platform won’t do much for growing your audience.

  • Due to platforms like Instagram and TikTok, people’s attention spans have shortened.

  • However, you can also chop up your podcast into smaller segments.

[03:49] — Advice for YouTube podcasts 

  • You can chop up your podcast into smaller segments.

  • Trent believes that if you’re using video content for your top-of-funnel awareness content, you must keep it short — ideally 10 minutes or less.

  • Make use of YouTube shorts.
  • Seek advice from someone with millions of followers on their channel.

[04:45] — What will happen to the website? 

  • The Bright Ideas website won’t be taken down, but it will be static.

  • Due to the demands of his time running Flowster, Trent no longer has the bandwidth to add content to the site.

  • It might still change in the future, and he’ll surely let everyone know if it does.

[05:45] — What about email subscriptions? 

  • For email subscriptions, all current active Bright Ideas subscribers will have their records moved over into the Flowster email database.

  • They will double-check in case some subscribers are already in the Flowster database.

  • Still, all future emails will come from Trent and Bright Ideas.

  • They simply do not want to pay for two databases for email marketing.