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The Scale Your Agency Podcast | Bright Ideas

Dec 28, 2021

Flowster Live Demo

Episode Highlights

[0:36] — Creating a Podcast

  • Part of the challenges in podcasting is having insufficient downloads, leads, and social engagement.

  • Podcasters sometimes have difficulty in publishing content consistently.

  • However, you will be perceived as an authoritative figure within your niche when you overcome these challenges.

  • Creating valuable relationships could open up more lucrative opportunities.


[1:19] — Podcast Mistake #1: Disregarding Editorial Calendar

  • It's ideal to plan your content in advance. 

  • You'd always want to ensure that the episodes support your monetization initiatives for premium content. 


[2:06] — Podcast Mistake #2: Inconsistent Publishing of Content

  • Your audience will start tuning out if you don’t publish content regularly.

  • Scheduling your pre-production process ensures that your content is regularly produced.


[2:56] — Podcast Mistake #3: Not Niche Specific

  • We have a habit of wanting to include and appeal to everyone; this makes us a generalist.

  • Being a generalist is equivalent to failing to be of interest to anyone.

  • It is critical that your content targets a specific demographic.

  • Appealing to a target audience encourages podcast monetization and podcast sponsorship.


[4:52] — Podcast Mistake #4: Doing Audio-only Podcasts

  • We should leverage YouTube because it can offer a large source of traffic for your podcasts.

  • Trent entrusts his editor to format his podcast that caters to different social media platforms, including YouTube. 


[5:32] — Podcast Mistake #5: Relying on Social Media Promotion

  • Depending solely on social media will only give you exposure to existing followers.

  • Guesting in other podcast channels could expand your audience size.

  • Social media ads aren't the most effective method for growing your show.

  • YouTube is a beneficial tool for you to increase the reach of your videos.


[5:32] — Podcast Mistake #6: Not Repurposing Content


[8:59] — Trent’s Biggest Secret

  • For him, podcasting is the best networking tool on planet Earth.

  • To collaborate with desired guests, the line, “I would love to have you on my show” is exemplary compared to, “Can I have an hour of free advice?”